Welcome to pour nous!

We are so very thrilled you are here! We started this venture out of a wish to be more sustainable and conscious about everything we eat, use on our skin, and bring into our home. And we wanted to feel safe at home after spending almost a year inside disinfecting the hell out of everything. We just felt the need to make healthier, more sustainable, and more ethical choices.

But it's a jungle of information out there and an abondance of natural products to choose from, and finding non-toxic yet effective chemical free cleaning products is not so easy. Add the requirements of sustainability and ethical business practices to your shopping list, and you end up frustrated and overwhelmed. We get it. That's how we felt!

But here we are with a solution:  pour nous – for all of us!😉

pour nous are eco-friendly and environmental friendly cleaning products for everyday cleaning at home; one product for each room, simple and efficient.

Natural products for your body such a hand soap with probiotics which strengthens your immune system.

And cleaning products for your home gym, ensuring your well-being. 

What can you expect from us?                                                         

  • We go above and beyond for you – we only develop, produce, and display natural products, that are beautifully designed.
  • We have your back. We do the research, we are working with a research team at the University of Luxembourg. We tell you all about it, so you can make better choices.
  • We are continuous learners – we are curious and eager to serve you wherever we can – so stay tuned. There is more to come.
  • We want to grow with you – we change and transform with you and for you - from who we are today to who we may become tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after that. 
  • You can trust us. We disclose all information and are 100% transparent about our products and without any of the bullsh*t jargon you don't understand.  

Who we are?                                                                             

I am Randy founder of pour nous. These last couple of years I worked in various senior marketing roles in Brussels, Cork, London and Aachen. Today I live in Belgium with my partner and my 3 cats. I love being outside for long walks and I am a real cleaning enthusiast.

Enjoy our products and enjoy your day!

Lots of love.

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