We usually know about probiotics because they're in our yoghurt. They improve and restore the gut flora. They also strengthen our immune system. Maybe you've seen them used in cosmetics as well. They help with inflammation and skin diseases. So, if they are good to eat and use on our skin, where else can we put these natural miracle workers to good use? We use probiotics as biological cleaning agents. They are extremely efficient and 100% safe – remember, we eat them!! Probiotics remove the microscopic particles of dirt and all lingering odours around the house and clean thoroughly by reducing all the nasty bacteria. You can picture them as an army of good soldiers, fighting off all the bad bacteria in your house and staying to make sure they are here to intervene if too many of those bacteria get back into the house.  

Why are probiotic cleaning products good for our health?

Indeed probiotics are natural cleaning agents and they clean bacteria with bacteria. These bacteria come from our living and working environment - they are natural. We are currently developing a resistance to antibiotics and disinfectants which is due to an over-use of these; with probiotics we are cleaning bacteria with bacteria, and hence strengthening our immune system.  The consequences of an overuse of disinfectants and antibiotics is the develeopment of a resistance towards these, which is called AMR - Antimicrobial Resistance. The WHO has declared AMR to be a very serious health issue and to be the cause of death of 10 Mio people around the world by 2050, and the first cause of death before cancer, diarrhea and road accidents. 

Why is using cleaning produts with probiotics so much better for the environment?

All cleaning products go down the drain, as all your cleaning agents do. However, with probiotics, your pipes remain clean, and the sewage system gets an extra cleaning as well.  The probiotics have a long-lasting effect, because they are living bacteria and they can do their job up to 72hrs after application, even when they go down into our sewage system and our wastewater. And, probiotics are biodegradable, they are all natural after all. We use probiotics as biological cleaning agents for our products. They are extremely efficient and 100% safe. 

 pour nous | cleaning products with probiotics for everyday cleaning at home | natural, vegan and efficient.

So, what is so great about probiotics?

Ø Superpower cleaning agents – most effective with long-lasting effects, keep working up to 72hrs after application.

Ø Protection - they reduce the risk of resistance to antiseptics, disinfectants, and antibiotics. In addition, the continuous use of probiotics detergents restores the balance within the microbial community in our homes.

Ø We breathe clean air – they improve the quality of your indoor air. Chemicals and pollutants at home can cause headaches, eye irritations, allergies, and fatigue. With probiotics, your air stays clean!

Ø Clean pipes with no lingering bacteria; No chemicals go down the drain into your sewage system. The probiotics help clean wastewater.

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